Bore Installation

Home Bore Installation

My team and I can construct bores for Perth homes, subdivisions and schools. My experienced drillers can drill through any terrain to access aquifers below, and bring a water supply to you! My installations come with a 10 year warranty for your peace of mind.

I will work to your requirements to design the most efficient setup for your needs including type and size of casing, screens, filter gravel, and any other materials required to give you a water bore that will deliver years of trouble free service. My production bores are constructed to exceed the Australian Standard for the Construction of Water Bores.


What’s included?

Once we have drilled, constructed your well and established a water supply, I can design and install a quality system that matches the well and pump with your volume and press requirements.

My suppliers provide an extensive range of bore pumps of the highest quality and I always select the best choice for your needs.

You may also like to know:

Well pump systems typically use a stainless steel 4” submersible well pump with three phase or single phase depending on the appropriate power supply. I also have a variety of optional extras to go with the system includingcutting edge pump protection kits.

13940754943804.jpg13940754848443.jpg13940754744502.jpg13940754617321.jpgIf drilling through low yield areas or encountering long distance water transfer issues, I have a variety of solutions that I can employ – water tanks, pressure pumps, pressure switches or water level sensors to control the flow of water depending on your well design, output and usage.

Professional design of your system is critical to maintaining consistent flow and water pressure whilst providing a durable system. We are one of the most experienced reticulation companies in Perth and can provide water well drilling and pump system design and reticulation installation for all types of homes and gardens. You can trust my team and I to get water from your well to your landscape!

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